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Finding a well-paying teaching job is not easy. One of the best places to look for a job as an English teacher is China. After spending years in the classroom and burning midnight oil to pass with straight A’s, you will want to get a good job. Today, we have brought you a comprehensive guide on application for teaching job in China.

Why should you teach English in China?

China offers excellent opportunities to the local who want to learn English. This language is taught in private as well as public schools. The citizens of this nation have an insatiable demand to improve their skills in English. In addition, this has been the major priority of the ministry of education in this country to ensure that everyone can communicate properly in English. With a population of more than 4 billion people, china is demand for teachers is very high compared to another other country in the world. The schools here are ever seeking for the best teachers and they pay good salaries. As long as you are going to stick to the right procedure, finding a fulfilling and rewarding job in China will not be an uphill task.

What are the visa requirements when applying for a teaching job in China?

The state Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) is responsible for regulating the employment of teachers in this country. Therefore, only those schools that have been licensed by this organization has the permission to employ teachers from different parts of the world. You will need a letter of invitation and foreign expert work certificate before you can legally make a living from teaching in this nation. Anyone without legal requirement as far as application for teaching job is concerned can be jailed or fined by the state for the action.

Can you teach part-time in China as a Student?

Long term students with the right skills can teach English in different schools. These students only need to acquire permission from their universities before looking for school where they can teacher Chinese kids this language. However, this does not apply to those students with short term because their application for teaching job are considered invalid.

What qualifications do you need to teach English in China?

Qualifications are very essential for anyone seeking a job in any country. This is not any different with teaching in China. However, it is very difficult to provide you with a definitive guide on the qualifications you require to teach in this part of the world. Different provinces have their stipulation as far as qualifications to become a teacher are concerned. SAFEA states that applicants who want to work as teachers need to be holders of Bachelor’s degree from accredited institutions of learning. These degrees show that the job seeker has the right skills required for the job. Nonetheless, there are some places where you can obtain a permission to teach without necessarily presenting them with your degree.

Teaching English as a foreign language- TEFL

TEFL is among the widely used teaching qualification not only in China but also in different countries of the world. You can also study for Teaching English to Speakers of other languages (TESOL) as well as Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) among other qualifications in order to work in the People’s Republic of China. However, TESOL is not a great focus in this country but gives confidence to teach the language. You do not need any prior experience before you can qualify for TESOL.

What Types of English teaching positions are available in China?

It is wise to understand the different types of positions available here before sending your application for teaching English job. There are very many positions to choose from. Some of the positions that you can look at include but not limited to the following.

• Kindergarten-Children aged two and half years are being this language in preparatory schools. This is among the lucrative market where you can secure a job as a teacher. In addition, wealthy Chinese are ready to pay more so that their children can learn this language. While teaching these children, you need to know that communication is very limited and you only need to inform them about a few words.

• Boarding schools-Chinese parents are taking kids aged as young as three years old to boarding schools. These children are in school from Monday to Friday and only return on weekends. Such children need teachers.

• Public schools (primary and secondary)-The government of China decided to decentralize public schools. You can work as a teacher in these schools. However, you will be working on behalf of the government. To get these visas, you need a degree and two years of working experience.

• Private language schools-There are private language schools that recruit teachers. These institutions are run as businesses. You can make 8000-16000 Yuan.’

• International schools-Large cities such as Beijing has international schools that teach English to learners. These schools mainly target learners whose parents are pursuing different courses abroad. The quality of these varies depending on the packages they offer. The salary levels of teachers in these schools ranges from 10,000-20000.

• Teaching business English-Chinese business are ever seeking people with skills when it comes to the English. You can teach the language to the members of staff of different businesses and then make a lot of money from the same.

• Private teaching -Although teaching in private students is considered to be illegal, you can obtain permission from the institution that sponsored to get your visa so that you can teach Chinese students.

How to prepare your CV for a teaching position in China

Application for a teaching job in this nation is very different from some of the western countries. In order to process a Visa, you must be of the right age. Most of the kindergartens prefer employing female teachers over the male ones. Make sure that your CV is not more than two pages long. In addition, it has to be clear and comprehensive enough. There are very many people seeking for employment. Therefore, it is important to write a good CV. In case you are not sure about how to write a professional CV, then seek for help before applying.

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