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Every time I see beautiful people on television, I always vow to lose some weight. I know that I can look better if I were to shed off some pounds. I have been thinking that but have never really gotten around to doing it cause I have been very busy with school.

This article on Freshman 15 surely was spot-on regarding weight gain and the college years. My years of procrastination have made me even heavier.

But this time, it’s for real. I am going to start losing weight.  Sure, I had been planning it for the longest time but never got around to doing it because of my unreachable goals.


You see every time I start a weight loss program, I do the extreme. I really start off depriving myself thinking I could lose weight faster. But I only end up hungrier. Hence, I resort to eating more.

That is why I am taking it easy now. Although my long term goal is to lose weight; I am simply starting to eat better. First, I’m cutting on carbs. This means that I start my mornings with a cup of oatmeal. I have been doing this for the past month and I have gotten used to it . It’s really not that bad.

Second, I am eating more vegetables now. I make my own salad using extra olive oil and balsamic vinegar as dressing. It’s really not that bad. I eat it every time I crave for something. Thirdly, I have started to lessen my meat intake. I don’t intend to stop eating meat but I am lessening it at this point. I am eating more chicken and beans.

These days, I have been storing a lot of garbanzo beans. I can make so many yummy dishes out of the garbanzo beans. First of which is the tasty hummus. I make hummus when I start to crave for some junk food. I toast some bread to dip into the hummus. Sometimes, I even grill a sandwich using hummus as the filler; just plain hummus between two slices of wheat bread. I grill it in olive oil until the bread is brown. It’s really pretty tasty.

I have been eating well or should I say, healthy, for the past month. While my long term goal is to lose weight, my immediate goal is to get used to eating healthy. I want my body to get used to more nutritious food so that I can proceed to my major goal to lose weight.

I feel really good now. Although I haven’t lost some weight, the kind of food I’m eating makes me feel guilt-free. The more my body gets used to eating well, the easier it will be for me to lose weight.

Now, I am slowly starting to workout. I have been working out for a week now and it feels wonderful. My body is getting the right physical strength from my workout.

It may be a slow weight loss path for me but I am getting there. It’s an honest-to-goodness weight loss journey but I will appreciate the results knowing that I did not cut corners to achieve something I have been longing for. 

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