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Centsports has three purposes. One to bring money from corporate America into the average joe's of the USA. It's other purpose is to give Gambling Addicts a way out of Vegas, and to gamble, but not lose their money. Centsports' creator has gotten emails from users saying it saved their marriage. The third reason was to give U.S. citizens a way to bet on sports without having to goto Vegas or use shady offshore sports books.

The reason Centsports is legal compared to other U.S. sports books is because centsports gives you money to bet with. This makes it so technically when you cash out, Centsports is giving you a prize. You are betting fake money until you cash out is basically the reason. When you first make an account centsports deposits 10 cents into your account. You get to bet this on almost any sports, including MMA, boxing, tennis, and soon Nascar.

Once you make a bet, you can get an opportunity to view an ad in return for a bonus % added on to your bet if you win. If you bet .01-.25, you can receive up to a 100% bonus. If you bet .25-.50, you can receive up to a 50% bonus, and if you bet .50-$3, you can receive up to a 25% bonus. Once you bet more than $3, you cannot receive bonuses. Because Centsports doesn't want their users winning hundreds on one game, there is a limit to what you can bet at once. You can bet as much as you want, as long as you don't win more than $10. So if the multiplier is EVEN, you can only bet $10, but if the multiplier is .50, you can bet up to $20.

Another way Centsports tries to make betting with them as real as possible is by allowing users to parlay bets. This means a user selects more than one bet, and puts it into one. Users have to win all of the bets to win the parlay. This raises the multiplier fairly fast, and is a great way to get started with the beginning 10 cents. It is also a great way to get started, because even though the odds of users winning these are low, users can just get another 10 cents deposited into their account if they lose their first parlay. Centsports is still working on a way to allow their users to parlay bets within more than one sport, which is not currently allowed.

Another feature on Centsports is the cronie system. This means you refer friends using a code specific to each user. If you refer someone, they are called your crony. Each time your crony wins a bet, you receive 5% of what they win. This is not subtracted from their winnings, it is just added as a bonus to your account.

To be able to cash out, you must have $20 in your account. The minimum cash out amount is $10. To cash out, you enter a certain bracket. In the No Weight bracket, you can cash out between $10 and $10.99. In the Light Weight bracket you can cash out between $11 and $19.99. In the Medium Weight bracket you can cash out between $20 and $29.99. In the Sort of Interesting bracket you can cash out between $30 and $49.99. Finally, in the Heavy Weight bracket, you can cash out more than $50. Each week, Centsports has x amount of money they can afford to let users cash out. At the end of each week, the money is distributed through each bracket. If someone has more money than you in your bracket, they receive higher priority to receive money to cash out with than you. I would recommend to cash out with the maximum amount possible in the bracket of your choice.

With all of this, I am not meaning to promote centsports. This is just a guide of how to use centsports. I do not promote legal OR illegal gambling.

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