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I Couldn't come up with just 1 greatest 11 to play Juventus since I couldn't bear the notion of leaving out some exceptionally unique players so I've been a small coward and picked two teams. For your very first team Goalkeeper I Never watched Giampiero Combi play therefore it could have been hard for me to state he had been the greatest ever but he appeared to have had a great deal of admiration for his art in target and that he failed to captain the Italian national side to win their first world cup therefore that he should have been outstanding.

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Stefano Tacconi was a really capable target keeper and Angelo Peruzzi was excellent but for the initial group, I am going to need to choose Gianluigi Buffon, that, in my opinion, is your best goal keeper in the world and among the finest I have ever observed. Back Hard to decide on a fantastic back in almost any group and with Juventus, it's not any different. Moreno Torricelli did a very decent job as did Lilian Thuram however I'll have to choose Claudio Gentile Left back Andrea Fortunato was a wonderful chance that has been sadly taken from uswhen he lost his life via Leukamia, but he'd have gone on to become good when he'd lived, I don't have any doubts about that. Luigi Di Agostini did an excellent job too but I have chosen Antonio Cabrini who had an extremely sweet foot foot. Centre backs Juventus have Been extremely lucky in this section and it'll take forever to mention all them. However, I've gone for Gaetano Scirea and John Charles. Scirea is likely combined with Boniperti and Del Piero, the hottest player to have played the club. John Charles was this kind of gift he was equally proficient in the trunk and as a striker. Midfield For The very first group, I've gone to get 3-man midfield. There are incredibly gifted and fantastic players who sadly I have had to exit for various reasons and they're Antonio Conte, Paolo Sousa, Angelo Di Livio, Zavarov, Alelikov, Rui barros, Massimo Bonini, Romeo Benetti, Emerson, Jugovic, Fabio Capello and Liam Brady. However, my trio with this group are Giampero Boniperti, Edgar Davids and Zinedine Zidane Strikers I Have gone to get a 3-man strike drive in my team. But the calibre of all strikers whom I must exit is terrifying to say the least. Players such as Gianluca Vialli, Salvatore Schillachi, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Paolo Rossi, Christian Vieri, Alen Boksic, John Hansen, David Trezeguet, Alessandro Altobelli, (mistreated ) Thierry Henry, Filipo Inzaghi and others. However, I've gone to get the trio of Roberto Baggio, Roberto Bettega and Alessandro Del Piero. For my next group I've gone to get a 4-4-2 formation Back - Ciro Ferrara  

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