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When to repair a damaged windshield?

Wondering when would be the ideal time to repair a damaged windshield? Well, we are here to clear off all your doubts and procure you with reliable information about the right time to repair that windshield. If you have noticed carefully, if you will see that the glass used in fabricating the windshield is a bit thicker than its counterparts; this is because the windshield is curated with three layers out of which the outer two surfaces are of glass and the intermediate one is formed by resin. When the glass develops a crack, it is the outer layer that is chipped off and the resin holding the other two sheets in place is lost resulting in its enhanced vulnerability. Once this arrangement is shaken, it hardly takes time for the crack to spread all over the windshield and increase the chances of conceiving risks and being susceptible to more accidents.


Moving around in your vehicle with a damaged windshield can pose greater threats than you can realize; firstly, it reduces the driver’s line of visibility and makes it difficult for him to ride the car in extreme weather conditions. Secondly, if the riders of the car face an accident, the functionality of the air balloons will be automatically reduced as the windshield will lose its strength to absorb the bag’s impact. Thirdly, a lot of countries have implemented a new traffic rule which will pull out the cars that have a windshield chip measuring more than 1cm. And lastly, the crack will soon grow to accommodate a larger space within its clutches that will later compel you to replace it which in turn is most likely to cost you a lot of money and will have to be covered by insurance.  

In the following section, we will be mentioning a few pointers that should be hint enough to tell you that the windshield of your car will need to be repaired.

  • If the chips have grown to about 1cm in diameter and the cracks are no more than 3 inches, then you can easily get the windshield repaired from Aero Auto Glass with expert advice and experienced methods of application. With new technologies in motion, wider cracks can be repaired too without affecting the surrounding area.
  • Next, the type of crack also matters when repairing the windshield. For instance, if the crack is a short radical one (Star Break), Half-moon caused by a circular object (Partial Bulls-Eye), Crack Chip (Ding) or a single crack (Crack Chip), they can be easily repaired. The basic idea is if the crack or chipping can be wrapped with a quarter is eligible for undergoing a repair. Nonetheless, if the windshield chip occupies a large area and has formed multiple cracks, you will need it to be attended by expert hands, and chances are that it will need replacement.
  • Coming to the location of your windshield crack, there are certain areas that can be compromised only by repairing it. Mostly, when the damage doesn’t fall within the driver’s line of sight, it can be repaired. But, when it is directly in the driver’s trajectory, repairing can leave a few blemishes or scratches on the surface that is capable of meddling with his sight and disrupting a safe drive. In cases where the chipping is caused around the edge of the windshield or somewhere near its borders; there are a few technicians who are capable of mending it and restoring its lost purpose. But, while doing so, make certain that all the chips are strappingly covered the repair is fully visible; otherwise, a wiser alternative would be to replace the windshield.
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