Web scraping for marketing agencies

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Web scraping for marketing agencies

Web scraping can help you to find a variety of high-quality data and valuable statistics about the market, customer, and competitor. It is better to use it to design the right marketing strategies.

To design and drive a successful marketing strategy, a marketer has to mine data from a wide variety of credible sources. Web scraping becomes helpful indeed for marketing experts and agencies since info hunting is the resource-demanding process.

You can use web-scraping to provide qualified information-driven marketing services, as well as market your own business.

How and what for is web scraping used in marketing?

Search Engine Optimization
Data from search engine results allows you to control and increase website traffic.

Content marketing
 Data, collected from variable sources, helps to find out appropriate keywords, create content and title ideas, analyze gaps, and social engagements for different themes.

Social media tracking

A social network is an extremely valuable source for a marketer because it gives a lot of possibilities. For example, various information, harvested from different platforms, may be used to create and qualify leads, track customer satisfaction and trends.

Social media scraping will also make a great contribution to your influencer marketing.

Market research and intelligence

Market trends monitoring
Checking out of some net sources, conducting surveys, and trend reports can help you to track actual track trends.

Brand reputation monitoring
You can check your/your clients'/competitors' brand reputation utilizing automated harvesting of feedback and brand mentions found throughout the net.

Competitor Price tracking
Monitoring of your/ your clients' competitors' prices and pricing dynamics will help you to adjust your/your clients' prices and increase profits.

Backlinks monitoring
Analyzing your and competitors’ backlinks, clustered by scraping, you will have a chance to launch efficient link building strategies for your company and your customers.

More pros of web scraping for marketing experts and agencies

You will be aware of what marketing services your competitors provide, and how they implement it

You will be informed of which marketing campaigns, launched by you and your competitors increased sales and raised brand awareness

You will get access to the demography data to understand where and for which audience you will arrange your promotion campaign.

You will find out details about top brands' advertisements – size, content, outlay, and location

You will get acquainted with hi-tech audio and visual instruments for efficient marketing.

Web scraping & digital marketing

You can use ready-made digital marketing tools with web – scraping options.

But what if you can't find any ready-made tool fully complying with your demands?
A solution may be a customized search engine constructed to meet the exact needs of a company.
Finddatalab.com offers you this service - “web data subscription service”.

To create a web crawler, we will have to know customers' specific requirements and preferences: websites and information fields you want to scrape, time terms and so on. It also has to be specified what programs the resulting file will be integrated with.

We are always at your disposal, ready to provide authentic and structured data.
In crowded markets and a highly competitive environment, high-quality data and reliable and up-to-date information become increasingly vital for making the right business decisions.
We'd be most willing to help you with our data service saving the most valuable experiences: a lot of time and effort.

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