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DescriptionThe current diversity management approaches that are used by Wal-Mart are determined by the management team and they are influenced by various internal and external factors. The researchers is not capable of influencing any of the strategies and practices that they use as well as the impact that they have on the organizations stakeholders and what perceptions that they generate. What this means is that when investigating the strategy and practice of diversity management for Wal-Mart in China, the researcher is not in a position to influence the nature of existing information. The information can be obtained from various sources and it can be presented in the manner that it has been obtained without changing the meaning. To guarantee the accuracy of the presented information, first hand information from the employees is collected, analysed and presented. Due to these factors, the qualitative research methodology is the most appropriate approach for this study. The current diversity management strategies and practices that are used by Wal-Mart profoundly impact on the performance of the organisation; they influence the performance of the organisation and determine what perceptions they generate in the Chinese market. Since the diversity management that Wal-Mart has adopted is not very much in line with the diversity management practices in China, it is important to explore the phenomenon in its natural setting hence the qualitative methodology which is an effective approach to studying phenomena in their natural setting without influencing the variables of the study.

For this study, the independent variable is diversity management, while the dependent variables are the practices that are used by Wal-Mart in China. Quantitative methodology is quite different from the qualitative methodology and at times it involves the manipulation of the variables. What is more is that the approach is highly dependent on empirical and statistical data. That is why the approach is not appropriate for this study. The qualitative methodology works well with the nature of the research variables. It ensures that the research topic is broken down to manageable aspects and that the collected information effectively reflects the purpose of the study.

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