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Sole Fitness e35 – An in-depth review of the most popular elliptical trainer!

Obesity has becomes quite common among people nowadays. As people are shifting towards lethargic lifestyle and bad food habit, they getting more obese and a birth ground for different ailments. One of the best ways to lose your fat efficiently is by following a good cardio workout program. Cardio workout is highly effective in losing fat and elliptical trainers are one of the best machines for cardio. Elliptical trainers are used in gyms as well as homes as they occupy less space and can easily be used. You can use them to have a full body workout and stay fit and lean.

Elliptical trainers are highly preferred as they provide good results without putting additional pressure on your joints and muscles. There are numerous elliptical trainers available in the market and each one of them has different features and varying price. If you are looking for a perfect elliptical trainer in all means then you must go for the sole fitness e35. It is one of the best trainers you will find in the market. All its features, pros and drawbacks are listed below so that you can easily make up your mind.


Why Sole Fitness e35 highly preferred by people?

If you want to lose few pounds and enjoy intense cardio workout then sole fitness e35 is the best elliptical trainer for you. The unique design of this machine ensures that you get maximum comfort during your workout and you can do all the exercises without any difficulties. You also get a bright LED display in front of you which tells you everything about your workout session. You can keep a track of your burnt calories, speed and time through this display. The interface is quite user-friendly and you can easily use all the features and functions of the trainer. Sometimes exercise becomes quite boring so this trainer provides you with a MP3 port to ensure you stay entertained during your exercise session.

Some of the most astonishing features of Sole Fitness E35 elliptical trainer

  • Working out without tracking your results and progress is of no use. This elliptical trainer provides you a LED display through which you can track the progress of your workout session and make changes according to your goals.
  • There are numerous pre-installed programs that you can simply follow to achieve you health goals.
  • The pedal, power and resistance are adjustable and you can adjust it according to your needs and requirements.
  • The LED display monitors your heart rate and pulse and ensures that you stay safe while doing intense cardio.

Top-notch advantages of buying Sole Fitness E35 elliptical trainer                                      

Hi-tech advanced sensors

This immensely popular elliptical trainer is full packed with modern sensors which makes it the best trainer that you can have at your home. The handlebars for grip have sensors to keep a track of your pulse and heartbeat. You need to keep your hands on the bar and it will show your pulse rate on the LED screen. The handle offers your different grips to ensure you can exercise comfortably.

Big foot pedals

The foot pedals in it are quite large and are designed specifically to put minimum stress on your ankles and knees. The foot beds are also adjustable so that you can alter them according to your needs and requirements. The foot pedals are quite unique as they have an inwards slope which is done intentionally to make it more comfortable to do cardio on them.

Easy to incline

If you want to work more on your lower body then incline workout is the most effective. With these elliptical trainers you can get an incline up to 30 degrees which will help you activate and burn your lower body fat and strengthen the muscles. You can easily get an incline by pressing a single button.

Pre-installed custom programs

One of the biggest advantages of sole fitness E35 elliptical trainer is that it comes with multiple customised pre-installed programs. You can choose any one of them according to your needs and requirements and achieve your goals easily. You can set personal programs according to your workout schedule and goals and get quick results by following it.

Lifetime warranty

 You get a life time warranty for defective material and working of the trainer. The electronic parts and components come with a five year warranty. It makes it more trust worthy and good machine to invest your hard earned money. It provides you full warranty so you need not worry about its quality and durability.

Minimum noise

Most of the elliptical trainers produce a lot of noise which is quite irritating and frustrating. But this trainer is quiet and you can use it without creating any noise or sound. The motion is highly smooth and allows you to exercise at your comfort.

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