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Subject Pool effects in price competition games: students versus teachers and the best pool cues for you

When looking at ways new ways to improve the educational system and incorporating different sports to the program, it is important to think of the effect on students and teachers alike and the cost effects included for example; how much do the best pool table and best pool cues cost? And how will this improve the relationship between students and teachers?

Looking at the results of an experiment conducted with students is objective. Within education, two main participants should be considered and that is the students and the teachers, the next point to think of is whether what you are trying to impose is cost-effective in the long term. Students and teachers have a similar goal to achieve however very different ideas on how to get there. Trying to keep the balance can be a tricky job, however, it is possible to be done.


Conducting a subject pool for games and how they can be incorporated into the educational facility means looking at the different types of games that can stimulate, promote, and educate. The first thing you should consider is what the focus of the game is, is it healthy competition, concentration, control, or stamina. For example: what does the game ‘pool’ focus on? What will the student gain from playing pool? What will the teacher gain from incorporating pool into their curriculum?

The results from student-based subject pools should be viewed as objective as the ability of each student differs, groups vary of skills, abilities, and willingness. This is a part of undertaking research however is something important to remember. The results from research conducted on pools of teachers are slightly more conclusive in the sense of one teaching system is activated. Of course, it is also individual in the aspect of each teacher who has their style and preference however the general condition remains the same.

Gaming in education is something that has been researched for years however more developed in recent times. This is because there is a higher demand for interactive teaching, generations seem to be developing in such away. The variety of games differ as well as styles, lets look at the pool. The pool is a game of focus, patience, and precision – including this into your curriculum can have both positives and negative effects and whist it is a game that is low in cost maintenance it may not have the effects you are looking for. Will the students benefit from the principles they can gain from playing pool and is it connected to the subject you are trying to teach. This is where the teachers come into the plan, can this teacher adequately incorporate the game so that the students gain the knowledge they are aiming for? Does the teacher offer a healthy competition environment and maintain their position? There is also a significant factor in numbers to bear in mind. There are, in the end, more students than teachers which can affect the results of any research.

When research is being conditioned particularly when you are talking about two very specific groups of people it is important to clarify what are the conditions of the subject-pool, for example, is communication allowed amongst one another, or is there a difference if communication is allowed.  If you are looking for the bestgametables, then kindly check it.

When conducting subject-pools for gaming it is important to bear in mind validation. Validation coming from the students who participate in the experiment/research. If the topic is about a specific game and the relative effects within a certain topic or subject then the subject-pool group should consist of different levels of students who are studying that particular topic/subject and teachers alike. If you are conducting general research into gaming and the effect of education then to ensure validation it is important to ensure that the subject-pool is consistent with students from all kinds of backgrounds, heritage, and academic level. These factors will contribute to the results and effectiveness of the study. It is not only the participants of the study which will affect the results but also the design and procedure of the experiment. It is recommended to conduct two or three different designs of experiments with each subject-pool to obtain the most relevant results from both students and teachers.

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