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The Main Pillars Of Primary Health Care

An excellent primary health care system is essential in improving the health of any community or people and reduces the inequalities that exist between various groups. So, what is Primary healthcare (PHC)?

It is the basic and fundamental healthcare that is mainly based on scientifically sound, universally acceptable, and practical methods and technology, and can be accessed by families and individuals of different communities as the first level of care. The main goal of PHC is to increase access to health care and reduce any delays than can be experienced in the system.

Typically, the primary health care framework has been built on different key pillars. Here are some of the top pillars.

Community Participation

Community participation is a practical approach as far as addressing the health care needs of a community is concerned. This technique involves understanding members of a given society. It helps in planning, decision-making, and implementing a given program.

With community participation, community members are able to share their activities and needs of a particular geographic region. With that, you can then come up and establish some mechanisms to meet their specific needs.


Health care responsibility doesn’t solely lie on the government; it also involves families, individuals, and communities at large. Universal health coverage cannot be possible without the local community. Find more interesting information about mental health quotes here.

Inter-Sectoral Coordination

This majorly refers to the collective action that involves different stakeholders and agencies, all of them performing various functions and roles to achieve a common goal.Healthcare cannot just be left to the formal sector alone; other vital players also need to come on board to promote self-reliance and health of any community.

Some of these sectors might include education, public works, agriculture, communication, housing, industry, animal husbandry, food, among others.

Appropriate Technology

Great technology plays an essential role in improving the accessibility and availability of healthcare services.Great technology, as far as health care is concerned, refers to technology that is adaptable to the needs of a community, scientifically sound and acceptable to those that apply it as well as the recipients. The ideal tech should easily be maintained using easily accessible resources or resources that a country/community can afford and not the sophisticated ones that are costly.

Support Mechanism

Support mechanisms are vital when it comes to health and the quality of life in general.A support mechanism refers to an established process that will enhance the quality of life and provide a particular buffer against any adverse life events as well.

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