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DescriptionGoogle car hey what's up everyone Matt here so today I want to talk about best buy radar detectors 2017 and more specifically are they worth it so I've been using a radar detector for quite a while now around seven years right now the one I'm using is a valentine one and really the question is are they worth the money because if you want to get a decent one it's going to cost you a couple hundred dollars. The Valentine one was around $ when I bought it and any of the same level of best radar detector on 2018 is gonna be around that price if not more I think the Valentine one is one of the best ones out there I really enjoy it has arrows so you can see where the radar is coming from I really like this it does its job very well but is it worth the money so a radar detector detects radon but more specifically radar from police so the police when they're scanning vehicles to see if they're speeding they use radar to detect that speed at least most of the time and I'll get into that in a second and this device can detect that and let you know if some police is scanning and so that you can slow down. And basically not get a ticket that's all point of these so do they work yes they do work if at least is using radar you have this radar detector will detect it and will let you know that it's happening now there's a bunch of caveats to that you have to be in the right position and it has to be the right circumstances for it to work really well sometimes it just doesn't work what you hear in mountains sometimes it won't work because when you go around a bend the mountain will cut off all the signal so there's a bunch of caveats to that but for the most part that works really well and it does detect when a police is using radar now a few issues with a Redditor detector. One a lot of the times you get false alarms so there's a x-band here in California well there's x-band everywhere but here in California only thing that uses x-band that I can tell is like truckers truckers use x-band so every time you pass the semi-truck on the highway the radar detector goes off and it's super annoying I disconnected that on my radar detector because there's just no use for it here where I am at least at least from my use case that's what I found so I just turned it off but you know there's a bunch of different bands of radar that these can detect and sometimes you get false alarms and that's really quite annoying and sometimes it really scares you.
Created21 Sep 2017
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