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Most people have quickly realized that the iPad not having the Flash is a huge problem when you are trying to surf the internet. It's a problem since most sites these days have Flash on the page to either play video or show some sort of menu on the page.

While some major sites do have some iPad alternatives, it's still not a full browsing experience that many would like to have in a portable tablet device. When it comes to the tablet wars, there is always the Fire Tablet vs iPad. People wonder which will be the first to convert, and our assumption is that it will be Apple, first.

There is a technology that is starting to come out that is called HTML5. Many might not understand what this means but know that it could potentially help devices like the iPad that choose not to use the Flash plugin.

HTML5 is the next step up from HTML4 which is the current web standard. This new technology makes it much easier for developers to make it so that you will be able to watch things online like videos with it while avoiding the use of Flash on your device. For the iPad user, this is great news.

Many major sites are already giving you the HTML5 alternative. Soon you will be able to watch video and use applications that are written in this new language not having to worry so much about losing the major plugins since they won't matter as much.

Can HTML5 replace Flash?

The technology could technically replace the same functions. Not having Flash still leaves your device a bit behind as it still won't be able to use everything online. The menus on many pages might not convert to something new. There are also millions of applications and games written in Flash that still won't work with HTML5. New ones might be written but that will take many years.

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