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  • Space
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Dealing with spam
Sorry for infrequent updates here! First, I've set a minimum credit requirement for posting to the forums (just 1 credit) to prevent spammers from doing what they've been doing. Second, I do have a data set that hopefully my student will be sending out work units with sometime this summer.

I still intend on merging the projects here (to make the forums easier to manage), so bear with us as we get things updated!
28 May 2014, 21:47:25 UTC · Comment

merging projects
Hi Everyone,

Here's an update to the status of DNA@Home.

Currently, I have a student who has been working on getting files in the appropriate format for the application here. I think we're pretty close to getting work units sent back out. As opposed to what we were doing before, the new data files are from the human genome, and we'll be looking for protein binding sites that could potentially be related to different cancer causing genes -- I will get more information from this from our biologists here.

I also want to merge DNA@Home, Wildlife@Home and SubsetSum@Home so I can more easily provide feedback. I'm open to suggestions on how to do this. Right now I'm thinking about moving all the accounts into a new project and then have a combined forum for all three. If anyone has any good suggestions for an easy way to merge the three, I'd appreciate it.

Will have more updates, and hopefully more work units soon.

23 Dec 2013, 17:46:48 UTC · Comment

more updates
Sorry for things being so slow here, too many projects going on at once on top of being a new faculty member!

However, I have some pretty interesting news for the project. Two new professors have joined University of North Dakota this year who are working on epigenomics. So we'll be able to use the same algorithms and client applications currently being used by DNA@Home to analyze segments of the human genome -- in part to help understand cancer formation.

I'm hoping to be sending out some new workunits using new data (from the human genome!) as soon as we can get it cleaned up and processed.

27 Sep 2012, 16:25:01 UTC · Comment

some updates
Hi Everyone,

The last couple weeks have been hectic! I was off in NY to give a presentation at IBM T.J. Watson Research center. Now that I'm back I have a few more updates for everyone.

First, I've made a portal on the front page of this volunteer computing server with links to the other projects we'll be running here: http://volunteer.cs.und.edu/index.html

Notably, SubsetSum@Home and Wildlife@Home. We're starting to get video for wildlife@home, which should prove really interesting so it might be worth taking a look at that project over there. I'll also be starting to send out workunits for SubsetSum@Home by the end of the week (as we have a deadline for a conference and would like to have the project running by then). After SubsetSum@Home is up and sending out workunits, I'll be updating the client application here (to fix the checkpointing issue) and sending out some more workunits.

Until then, hopefully the videos we'll be putting up on wildlife@home will keep you interested, and the workunits at subsetsum@home will keep your computers busy. :)

11 Apr 2012, 18:31:28 UTC · Comment

fixed the issue with the transitioner
Work should be flowing now. Let me know if the new applications are downloading and working correctly. I think checkpointing should be fixed, and the 64 bit linux application should be compiled statically so it should hopefully not error out anymore. 26 Mar 2012, 6:11:49 UTC · Comment

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