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1) Message boards : News : project unification (Message 1582)
Posted 82 days ago by ritterm
I'm with DrBob and Jeff17... Just close the solo projects once the combined project and sub-projects are ready to go.

It seems like you would be adding risk asking users to merge credits and trying to get stats in synch at external sites -- you might find yourself spending time getting that straight before/during/after the time you're trying to work out any issues with starting the combined project.

Good luck with the transition, Travis. It will be nice to see the projects that have been dormant get back in business.

2) Message boards : News : generating new work units (Message 1577)
Posted 84 days ago by ritterm
...It's been awhile but I've generated some new work units today...let me know if there are any problems with the work units that I just sent out...

Good to see the project back in business, Travis. So far, so good...I think. Are you purposely clearing results out of the database quickly? I've seen valids disappear in minutes after they show up.

3) Message boards : News : merging projects (Message 1491)
Posted 231 days ago by ritterm
DNA@Home definitely isn't dead -- we have things in the works -- it's just not progressing as fast as I'd like unfortunately.

Thanks for the update, Travis. Looking forward to the work when we get it.


4) Message boards : Number crunching : Work is not being validated (Message 1276)
Posted 966 days ago by ritterm
@Ananas: You asked...
Where does stdout of that result hide?

On the WU results page, click on the Task for stderr output and other details. For the result that Cori mentions, click 734237. Is that what you're looking for?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Work is not being validated (Message 1251)
Posted 967 days ago by ritterm
There's been some movement with the validator: 3 of my WU's have validated since my previous post and the server status page now shows zero WU's waiting for validation (which is down from as many as 200 earlier today). All of my pending WU's are waiting for wingmen to report.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : thread for webpage issues (Message 1247)
Posted 967 days ago by ritterm
The "Pending credit" link on the "Your account" page doesn't appear to be working. The links for Tasks -> Pending seem to be fine, though.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Work is not being validated (Message 1246)
Posted 967 days ago by ritterm
I've noticed the same thing and have one pending that my wingman and I have been waiting for over six hours to validate.
8) Message boards : News : Started some new searches, and a status update (Message 1078)
Posted 1001 days ago by ritterm
I just want to be sure it isn't so good by like 10x or 100x...

Based on what I get elsewhere on my 1090t and C2Q, you are definitely below the low end of that range...
Shooting for maybe 5x-7.5x...

...but you might be a little short of that one. I estimate you are somewhere around 4x.
...because of the downtime issues and me still debugging a lot of things. Since a bunch of workunits may fail, I'd like to make up for this with the workunits that do work.

I think we all appreciate that consideration...and for that, we thank you.

Keep up the good work.
9) Message boards : News : Started some new searches, and a status update (Message 1075)
Posted 1001 days ago by ritterm
Credit is somewhere between AWESOME and OMFG ;)

So maybe too high?

For an established, production CPU project that isn't overly demanding of a host's resources (RAM, run-time, etc.), the values I've gotten are far above average on a 'stone/hour basis. But, if you're still "testing" and there are errors, maybe not so much. Regardless, I'm not going to complain...but send us more! :D
10) Message boards : News : Started some new searches, and a status update (Message 1068)
Posted 1001 days ago by ritterm
I've finished two mtub_3's without any problems. This one on a 1090t, 336494, and this one, 336485 on a C2Q. Both machines are Win7 hosts. Credit is excellent.
11) Message boards : News : more workunits and an update (Message 949)
Posted 1093 days ago by ritterm
Hi, I just joined on 26 October and cannot get any WUs...I hope I can process some WUs, soon.

Be patient... :-) This is a relatively new project and, as yet, doesn't have steady work. Keep fishing and you'll get a few here and there!

Happy crunching!

12) Message boards : News : more workunits and an update (Message 941)
Posted 1099 days ago by ritterm
Great news!


...basically workunits will be available to everyone who wants one as long...

As long as...what? ;-)
13) Message boards : News : We're not dead! I promise! (Message 863)
Posted 1195 days ago by ritterm
Congratulations, Professor! Well done and good luck in the new postition! Looking forward to the new work here.
14) Message boards : News : new applications and workunits (Message 285)
Posted 1303 days ago by ritterm
no errors over here - but we need more WU's!

x2! ;-)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Stats? (Message 242)
Posted 1304 days ago by ritterm
... someone else asked a few minutes before here.

That would be me! :D One thread on this is all we need...which one matters not to me. :-)

16) Message boards : Number crunching : Stats Export? (Message 238)
Posted 1304 days ago by ritterm
Can you start making stats available for sites like BOINCstats, Free-DC, etc.? If and when you do, please grant explicit permission for the stats site admins to publish the project's stats.



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