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1) Message boards : News : more workunits (to test checkpointing) (Message 1382)
Posted 948 days ago by morgan
After "write-protecting" my exe-file, it worked !

if your are not able to MacGyver things, it's probably a freaky experierence with travis. been there - MW old days.. ;)

I've McGyvere'd my exe and it works. It's necessary here.

Won`t even give it a try! :(
There is a lot of good and sensible project to crunch, around in the DC-world !
so i will back off! , until these problems are solved..
2) Message boards : News : more workunits (to test checkpointing) (Message 1376)
Posted 948 days ago by morgan
Travis said; detach and reattach to the project !
has/had be done 2-3 times, last week or two here !
Still no download Completed.

I've got the same problem as above:(

How to get "Gibbs_0.24_windows_x86_64.exe"?

manually download from

set DNA for NNW and abort all the tasks hanging around.

refresh project.

put the executable into the projects folder DNA is using.

allow new work and refresh project again.

at least that's what i did..

NO NO !!
Make this project to work without extra, manual config or tweak!! (Windows)

[I`m a 50 years old Norwegian,who`s writing bad English.reading, is not as good either. :-) ]
3) Message boards : News : more workunits (to test checkpointing) (Message 1363)
Posted 948 days ago by morgan
Got some wu`s !
But Boinc is backing off from download,telling me the ; project server may be temporarily down!!
(Have done Manual retry several times last 40 min)
4) Message boards : News : Waiting for results to come back then making a new batch (Message 1312)
Posted 965 days ago by morgan
No new Batch of wu`s needed ! until a fair validation of recent batch is completed!
Well if Adm, can give guarantees that this will do happen (now or at a later time).
Then i can be happy with a constant flow of new Wu to do .. Anytime :)
(2pic out of several)

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