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1) Message boards : Number crunching : DNA@Home be shut down for maintenance ? (Message 1434)
Posted 810 days ago by Amauri
Due to a mutation in DNA, this project is dying ... :-)
2) Message boards : News : some updates (Message 1426)
Posted 859 days ago by Amauri
... Soon ...

"Soon" ends about now I guess ;-) This is where "later" starts.

And "later" ends about now, when "never" starts...
3) Message boards : News : fixed the issue with the transitioner (Message 1402)
Posted 940 days ago by Amauri
Download ok, working correctly, but tasks aren't being validated (inconclusive). Linux 64-bit and Win XP 32-bit.

4) Message boards : News : more workunits (to test checkpointing) (Message 1384)
Posted 945 days ago by Amauri
now i got it!


sheduler reply is still pointing to the old URL..

Travis, did you see this?
5) Message boards : News : Waiting for results to come back then making a new batch (Message 1350)
Posted 950 days ago by Amauri
New batch? When?

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