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project unification
Hi Everyone,

So I want to try and start unifying the projects to simplify server updates, checking the forums, etc. Before I get going I want a little feedback as to what I'm planning so everyone is okay with it.

Basically, I'm going to create a new project (probably called "Citizen Science Grid") or something along those lines. Unfortunately, because people have different accounts on each project I can't do an automatic merge of the users and databases. So this means you'd have to create a new account on the new project (when the new project starts those will be the only forums for the site).

When the new project is up and going, I'll allow everyone to transfer their credit from their other accounts via a webpage (basically if you're logged in, you can enter in the user name and id of your account on citizen science grid, hit okay and it will transfer the credit over). So a couple questions about this approach:

1. will it break the credit trackers too badly? I'll subtract credit on the old project to 0, and then add the same amount of credit to the new account on citizen science grid.
2. I kind of want to keep credit for the different projects separate; if I keep different tables and export the stats of each project as it's own part of XML, will that cause any problems? Or would everyone rather just have one combined credit for each of the projects here (Wildlife@Home, DNA@Home, and SubsetSum@Home -- we'll probably be launching another one in the fall as well, so I want to get this done before we go doing that).

So, once I get some feedback, and if people don't have too many issues with this I'll set up the new project and get things started. Otherwise back to the drawing board. :P

Also, on a SubsetSum@Home note, I'm hoping to get a student to work on the project in the fall; but no guarantees yet (we're pretty busy with Wildlife@Home, and DNA@Home is booting back up).

thanks, hope to hear from you soon about this!
1 Aug 2014, 0:29:50 UTC · Comment

status update
Hi Everyone,

Just a brief status update. For this project I'm still looking for a student to take over to maintain the project (and update the applications).

I'm also looking for suggestions as to how to combine the three projects on this server (Wildlife@Home, SubsetSum@Home and DNA@Home) into a single project so I can provide feedback and perform updates easier. At the very least I'd like to combine the forums.

I'm hoping over winter break I'll have time to get this done, which should make monitoring all the forums and providing feedback much easier. I'm open to suggestions about a good way to do this. Right now I'm thinking about making a new project and moving all the accounts over to that new project.

23 Dec 2013, 17:49:04 UTC · Comment

Version 0.15 applications and a version check in the validator
Hi Everyone,

The next batch of test workunits will be using version 0.15, which will spit out it's version number to the output file reported to the server. The validator will be checking for this, and only validating workunits returned with the appropriate version.

This means if you're running a 3rd party anonymous app, it will not be validated. I'll be putting new workunits out tomorrow, to give people running the 3rd party apps time to get them updated or swap to the official 0.15 applications.

29 Jun 2013, 1:02:19 UTC · Comment

32 bit linux app
Just released a 0.13 32 bit linux application. Let me know if you're having any issues with it here. 26 Jun 2013, 21:27:01 UTC · Comment

Binary 0.13 and more workunits
I generated some more workunits to test the 0.13 binary. Let me know how they're crunching. I think problems in the last batch of workunits were due to the progress not being calculated correctly. 26 Jun 2013, 18:59:40 UTC · Comment

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