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traveling this week

Of course while I travel halfway around the world the spammers decide to come out in full force. I'm currently in Ljubljana, Slovenia for the 13th International Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, which should be really interesting! I'll be checking up with the webpages and things like that while I'm gone (especially to deal with the stupid spammers), but am not sure how much time I'll have for application updates as I need my desktop at home to do all the compiling. I've made the changes to the DNA@Home code to get the application updated which should fix the validation issues, so when I get back I'm hoping to push out a new application version for that.

Travis Desell on Friday, September 12th
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[dna] you can cancel the test_hg19_2_... workunits

I'm working on a fix, hopefully the next batch will be fine (I'll be generating a smaller one so I don't waste too many of your cycles). Hopefully have them out sometime this evening.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, September 9th
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new set of work units 'test_hg19_2_...'

I've sent out a new batch of work units which should (hopefully) fix the validation problem the other ones were having. Let me know how these are running. Feel free to cancel anything starting with 'test_hg19_1_...'.

Travis Desell on Tuesday, September 9th
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please cancel all the test_hg19_XXXX workunits

Looks like there's a problem with these. They're printing too much out to standard error which is busting the validator. I need to alter their command line options to fix these. On another note, how is the runtime for these -- should I make them longer? At what % should they checkpoint (I was thinking every 5%).

Travis Desell on Monday, September 8th
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longer DNA@home workunits

I've created a new set of work units from DNA@Home using a new data file (from human genome revision 19 -- hg19). These should run a bit longer than the other work units, so please let me know if the time estimates and credit is okay. They're actually not as long as I'd like them to be, so depending on how things are working work units after this could be 10x longer.

Travis Desell on Monday, September 8th
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