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My name is Andreas, I'm from Germany, from a small little town of the northern resin. I am official ;-)), love cacti and am on various projects of...

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deleted spammers

To deal with the spam accounts, I went through and deleted every account with 0 credit, no wildlife@home activity, no team, and no attached computers. This ended up being a whopping 72599 spam accounts. I apologize if I deleted your account and you're not a spammer, but due to the massive amount of accounts I had no choice but to bring a sledgehammer to the problem. I did do a database back up, so if I wrongly deleted your account and you want it restored you can either send me an email and I'll restore it (or just make a new one since you had no credit or activity anyways).

On a positive note, it looks like the measures I took yesterday has stopped the flood of spam accounts, so hopefully we're in the clear for awhile!

Travis Desell on Friday, October 17th
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[dna] started another new run 'test_hg19_1000fa_2'

The problem with the work unit info should be fixed for this largest sized run as well. Let me know how it's crunching.

Travis Desell on Friday, October 17th
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[dna] badge size fixed

The DNA badges were size 512x512 and being downsized to 28x28 on the webpages. I've fixed this so now that they're 32x32 pixels.

Travis Desell on Friday, October 17th
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[wildlife] updated watch and review video pages to bootstrap 3

Took some time but it looks like everything is bootstrap 3 now! Have one tweak to make with the CSS, but other than that it should be working.

Travis Desell on Sunday, October 19th
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taking down the old websites/forums

Due to all the spam accounts being created/etc, I'm going to take down the old project websites for wildlife@home, dna@home and subsetsum@home (so basically everything will be here on citizen science grid), so the old forums are going to go away. I plan to do this by the end of the weekend. I'll be keeping the old databases (so account linking will still be possible), but I really want to get the web pages and accounts cleaned up due to the mass of spam in recent weeks/days. After I'm done the old webpages will redirect to the citizen science grid home page. Let me know if there's any issue with this.

Travis Desell on Friday, October 17th
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Notice for SubsetSum@Home Users

SubsetSum@Home is transitioning to a sub-project of Citizen Science Grid. SubsetSum@Home workunits will be sent out from the Citizen Science Grid project. You can link your SubsetSum@Home account to your account on Citizen Science Grid so it will continue to gain credit for completing SubsetSum@Home workunits on Citizen Science Grid by visiting the link accounts webpage.

You can visit the old forums and the old homepage while the transition is in progress.

SubsetSum@Home Progress

You can track the current progress of the project on the SubsetSum@Home progress webpage.

Contact Information

Please email any questions or suggestions to Travis Desell, or feel free to post a message in our forums.

SubsetSum@Home is run by:
  • Travis Desell, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota
  • Tom O'Neil, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota


All publications, talks and posters about SubsetSum@Home can be viewed on the Citizen Science Grid's publications page.


SubsetSum@Home hardware has been generously supported by a new faculty SEED grant from UND's Office of Research Development and Compliance. The Citizen Science Grid volunteer computing server is hosted by UND's Scientific Computing Center.

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SubsetSum@Home is in part powered by the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC).