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Blick auf die beiden Sternwarten hinter dem Schulgebäude Kronshagen bei Kiel (Juli 2005) © Mario Lehwald. Danke Mario für die Erlaubnis, dieses Bild...

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anyone else missing credits after the swap to the new boinc per-app credit system?

Please let me know. Also let me know if your accounts were linked or not. I'm trying to debug a potential problem here.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, October 1st
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[dna] updated linux 64 bit to 0.47

Removed some of the static linking, hoping this version will work. Let me know how it's crunching.

Travis Desell on Monday, September 29th
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[dna] updated linux 64 bit to version 0.46

Looks like 0.45 got added to the server incorrectly (due to my trying to hack the update versions script). I've re-added it with the fixed update_versions script from BOINC so hopefully it will download successfully now.

Travis Desell on Sunday, September 28th
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[dna] added badges for DNA@Home

I've added a set of badges for DNA@Home, you can check them out at the Badges webpage, and they should be showing up in the forums as well. Badges for DNA@home and Wildlife@Home are being exported to: if any stats sites want to track them.

Travis Desell on Sunday, September 28th
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per-app top lists

I've added per-app top lists for the sub projects. Unfortunately given the way things are in the database it's a little tricky to add per-sub project top lists, but I've got that on the to do list. But anyways, if you go to Top Lists in the navbar, you can check out the per-app top lists for the three sub projects.

Travis Desell on Sunday, September 28th
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Notice for SubsetSum@Home Users

SubsetSum@Home is transitioning to a sub-project of Citizen Science Grid. SubsetSum@Home workunits will be sent out from the Citizen Science Grid project. You can link your SubsetSum@Home account to your account on Citizen Science Grid so it will continue to gain credit for completing SubsetSum@Home workunits on Citizen Science Grid by visiting the link accounts webpage.

You can visit the old forums and the old homepage while the transition is in progress.

SubsetSum@Home Progress

You can track the current progress of the project on the SubsetSum@Home progress webpage.

Contact Information

Please email any questions or suggestions to Travis Desell, or feel free to post a message in our forums.

SubsetSum@Home is run by:
  • Travis Desell, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota
  • Tom O'Neil, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota


All publications, talks and posters about SubsetSum@Home can be viewed on the Citizen Science Grid's publications page.


SubsetSum@Home hardware has been generously supported by a new faculty SEED grant from UND's Office of Research Development and Compliance. The Citizen Science Grid volunteer computing server is hosted by UND's Scientific Computing Center.

Powered by BOINC

SubsetSum@Home is in part powered by the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC).