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traveling this weekend

I'll be traveling this weekend (my flight leaves tomorrow night and I get back monday night) and I'll be without much any internet service on my trip. So if I don't respond too quickly that's why! Expect more updates when I get back next week.

Travis Desell on Wednesday, August 27th
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[wildlife] updating the project's pages

I'll be going through and updating all the Wildlife@Home webpages so they look like DNA@Home and SubsetSum@Home today. Let me know how they look! The front page is done so I have to work on the other ones.

Travis Desell on Monday, August 25th
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[dna, subset_sum, wildlife] publications page working

I've updated the publications page for all the projects here. Enjoy!

Travis Desell on Tuesday, August 26th
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[subset_sum] updates to home page

I've updated the front page of SubsetSum@home to be more in line with DNA@Home and the rest of the citizen science grid. I'm going to start working on updating the SubsetSum@Home application this weekend and hopefully we'll see some new work units next week.

Travis Desell on Saturday, August 23rd
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[dna] front page updates, science post

I've updated the front page of DNA@Home, fixing the carousel, as well as adding some more information and imagery. I've also put together things I've gotten from Dr. Archana Dhasarathy over in UND's med school (who is a collaborator on the project) going over some of the science behind what we'll be doing with the new work units. We'll be updating this over the next few days, so stay tuned, and let us know if you have any questions.

Travis Desell on Saturday, August 23rd
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Notice for SubsetSum@Home Users

SubsetSum@Home is transitioning to a sub-project of Citizen Science Grid. SubsetSum@Home workunits will be sent out from the Citizen Science Grid project. You can link your SubsetSum@Home account to your account on Citizen Science Grid so it will continue to gain credit for completing SubsetSum@Home workunits on Citizen Science Grid by visiting the link accounts webpage.

You can visit the old forums and the old homepage while the transition is in progress.

SubsetSum@Home Progress

You can track the current progress of the project on the SubsetSum@Home progress webpage.

Contact Information

Please email any questions or suggestions to Travis Desell, or feel free to post a message in our forums.

SubsetSum@Home is run by:
  • Travis Desell, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota
  • Tom O'Neil, Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of North Dakota


All publications, talks and posters about SubsetSum@Home can be viewed on the Citizen Science Grid's publications page.


SubsetSum@Home hardware has been generously supported by a new faculty SEED grant from UND's Office of Research Development and Compliance. The Citizen Science Grid volunteer computing server is hosted by UND's Scientific Computing Center.

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