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Message boards : Image and Video Discussion : Wire tangled with chip belt on the grouse throat

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Michal Kindura
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Message 6527 - Posted: 22 Dec 2016, 3:51:20 UTC
Last modified: 22 Dec 2016, 3:52:44 UTC

I would like to discuss the event between 00:24:01 (approximately 2013-06-22 10:47:29) and 00:57:48 (approximately 2013-06-22 11:21:16).

Parrent stand behind. You can see head in left corner. And black wire, or tail of tightening belt which tangled. Maybe cable? But grouse later leave with them.

Wire is visible at 10:52:00 for example.

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Message 6528 - Posted: 22 Dec 2016, 14:16:16 UTC - in response to Message 6527.

I've seen something like this before where the hen seemed to be dragging around a long black item.
I think the "black wire" is a thin stick or reed that has got caught under the transmitter collar.

Susan Felege
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Message 6543 - Posted: 23 Dec 2016, 19:43:59 UTC - in response to Message 6528.

Great observation. It appears what you are seeing is the antenna from the hen's radio transmitter. They have a thin black wire that is often pretty noticeable, especially when the collar gets shifted around so the antenna is more in the front of the bird than the back. I did not notice it tangled, but did see some chicks trip over it.

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Message boards : Image and Video Discussion : Wire tangled with chip belt on the grouse throat