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Message boards : Number Crunching : Workunit version number configuration problem

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Message 7410 - Posted: 13 Feb 2018, 23:37:16 UTC

There seems to be a version number configuration problem with the batch of "EXACT Batch Norm With Scaled FMP CNN Trainer" work created about 5 hours ago. I've had 14 tasks (e.g. fail immediately with exit status 1 and the following in the stderr output:

starting from input file: '../../projects/csgrid.org_csg/exact_genome_1518528300_111_688.txt' read CNN_Genome file with version string: '' breaking because version_str '' did not match EXACT_VERSION_STR 'v0.33': -1 parsed input file ERROR: exact application with version 'v0.33' trying to process workunit with incompatible input version: ''

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Message 7411 - Posted: 14 Feb 2018, 0:18:42 UTC

I too started getting these. Looks like other computers are having thew same problem. May have to crunch other programs until this gets fixed.

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Message boards : Number Crunching : Workunit version number configuration problem